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49-53 Seater Coach-Hire

London – 49 Seater 53 Seater Coach 

A 49 seater coach or a 53 seater coach serves the needs of large groups particularly well. It gives them a way to move around the city reliably, in total comfort, without splitting up into smaller sub groups, and thereby rob the fun. 
However, such large vehicles are useful only if the provider backs it up with adequate support, and there is a competent driver to handle the vehicle. Our London minibus hire offers you all these, and much more. 
Our large coaches belong to top end models from Volvo and Iveco, both reputed manufacturers. These vehicles come with all high end features, including multi vent air conditioning, push back seat with head and arm rests, and individual seat belts, ample leg space and luggage space, overhead lighting, GPS, power doors, PA system, and more. We maintain these vehicles thoroughly, so that passengers can leverage all these features well, and the vehicle does not break down, or is deficient in any way. 
The drivers who manage our minibus hire in London are competent and experienced in the vehicles they drive. They know their way around the city, and can take you anywhere you want to go, with ease, navigating the traffic skillfully. With an inexperienced driver, there is always a danger that your group would end up struck on hours for end at the narrow city roads. 
Whether it is to visit the sights in Central London such as Buckingham palace, London Eye, Tower Bridge and other attractions, to attend a concert at the Wembley Stadium or O2 arena, to partake in the exciting Royal Ascot races, to visit the stately Windsor castle, to go on a day trip to Cambridge or the beaches of Kent, to attend private functions such as weddings, to attend conferences or trade fairs, our London minibus hire is the perfect choice. 
When you avail our large coaches, you also gain the advantage of getting the best rates in town. When a large group travels together, the per-head cost comes down considerably. We already charge very low margins, and the net result is your rates becoming very cost effective, and better than almost all other options available. 
We have proved our credibility with the test of time, as we have a large number of regular customers, including corporate customers. People who avail our minibus hire in London never go elsewhere, and they recommend our services through their testimonials. 
Contact customer care, or fill up the online form, and book your 52 seater coach now.