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Double Decker 72 Seater Coach Hire

London – Double Decker Coach 72 Seater 

London is one of the most visited cities in the world, and attracts several large groups, out to attend business conferences, for sightseeing, and other purposes. Event managers and tour organisers however often find the going tough, to transport large groups to their concerts, weddings, and other events. Arranging transportation for them can be quite a hassle, but our minibus hire in London offers the perfect solution. 
All you need to do is contact our customer support team, or fill up the online booking form, and reserve our double decker 72 seater coach. We offer high end models of Volvo and Iveco coaches, which come with all the latest gadgets and accessories required, to deliver maximum comfort for your group members. 
Our London minibus hire provides drivers who have considerable experience with the vehicles they handle. Large double decker coaches can be difficult to navigate, especially through the narrow city roads, and an unskilled driver may make a mess out of a good experience. Our drivers are well trained in handling these vehicles, and also aware of all traffic rules. They chose the best routes, and ensure you reach your destination in the quickest possible time. In this, they are ably supported by our customer support team, who does all the background and coordination work required for the trip to be a success. 
We offer the lowest rates for our London minibus hire service, and combine it with full flexibility and transparency, Whether it is to visit the upcoming Evening at the Races with Bryan Adams on 4 August 2016 at Sandown racecourse, to arrange airport transfers for your conference delegates, for your classmates to make a day out trip to Cambridge, or for any other purpose, our minibus hire in London is the best choice, as evident from the testimonials left by delighted customers of the past.